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“You are senseless If you break up with your partner because of cheating” – Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

Popular controversial Legal Practitioner, Lawyer Ampaw has said that ladies who break up with their boyfriends because of cheating are senseless.

Speaking on UTV telenovela “Who killed Libia”. The lawyer told Sofo Maame Mabel Bimpong the host that, in the olden days men suffered to get ladies but in our days it’s so easy for a young man to get a lady.

“Gone are the days when women kept themselves chaste and away from men until they are married. But today, kind courtesy social media, young ladies flaunt themselves any how without thinking about the future.” he said.

He added that due to the non ethical standards of living, it will be of no sense for a lady to break up with her guy because of cheating.

“There is no love in your system. Ladies date for some personal reasons,be it money, cars etc. It will be useless for a lady to break up with her partner if she perceive him cheating”.

According to the controversial lawyer, cheating shouldn’t be a reason to break up, unless the partner didn’t respect you by allowing you to see that he’s going to see another lady”.

“If he cheats without allowing you to see, then it means he respect you, you can only break up with a man if he beats you, maltreat you, disrespect you or cheat in your presence. – he added.



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