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“Yaw Berk is an attention seeker, he once wanted to disrespect Sarkodie for hype ” – Kaywa

Kaywa and Yaw Berk
Kaywa, Sarkodie and Yaw Berk

Renounced Sound Engineer and Producer Kaywa has said that among the artists on his label, Yaw Berk is the one he has suffered managing.

He said this in an interview on Hitz fm Daybreak Hitz with Andy Dosty.

According to Kaywa, Yaw Berk is so troublesome to the extent that he nearly broke the relationship between him and CEO of 4syte, Ignace.

He indicated that, Yaw Berk Is the type who always want to ride on people to create attention without thinking about how the third party will feel.

He stated that the same Yaw Berk nearly destroyed his friendship with Becca with a comment he made when she got married to his Nigerian husband.

He added that in an all out attempt to gain attention, Yaw Berk at a certain point tried to disrespect Rapper Sarkodie..

“Yawberk wanted to do something to insult sarkodie but I stopped him. He claimed he wanted to do it because of hype. After it was recorded, I made them delete it. However, I later realized they found a way to release it” – he said. 

He concluded by saying that, Yaw Berk Is just tarnishing an image and brand he’s created for 20 years just to create attention and so people shouldn’t listen to him


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