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Xenophobia : “Let’s also boycott south African companies – Afia Schwar reacts (Video)

Afia Schwarzenegger
Afia Schwarzenegger

South Africans have started their attacks on foreigners again and this time it’s worse than before. Humans are burnt alive while others are treated like animals.

Sources say a foreigner identified as a Nigerian has killed a South African and so the South Africans are on a retaliation spree. Others claim the culprit was a Tanzanian and not a Nigerian.

Afia Schwar who has her brothers in South Africa has reacted to the incident and has said that people should boycott south African companies.

Below was her post

This is pure wickedness, let’s pray for all foreigners in south Africa especially Nigerians.
Let’s also boycott south African companies…this is wickedness and trust me most of these attacks are done in the presence of police….my brother n myself witnessed the Zimbabwe man that was burnt in 2008 in the presence of a policeman.
Killing People Becos they are foreigners meanwhile south Africans are all over the world. Working in people’s country…this madness must end


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