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Work and stop sexing 80 year old women for money – Lawyer Maurice Ampaw blasts Young Men

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

Controversial legal practitioner Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has sent a strong jab to young men who date old women for money and old women who also date young men for their selfish sexual satisfaction.

He said this on Utv.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw lamented that due to unemployment and laziness most young men of today date women who are of their mother’s age for money.

He argued that it is incredibly shameful for a young man to have sex with someone who is above 60years.

The Lawyer didn’t end there, he also threw some shots to the older women who still have sex at age 80.

“Sex ends at age 80 and so when you get to that age and continue to have do sex, it can lead you to early grave”.

He revealed that most women and men are dying prematurely because of Sex.

“For your health sake stay from from sex when you reach 80 years.”

He made mentioned that “blood pressure” is one ailment which mostly attacks the aged and as a matter of fact old men and women who have such ailment can die in the process of having sex.


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