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Why homosexuals should get a life.

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Whenever I come across pictures or stories about gays, I always get pissed and I’m like damn! Do these people really know what is sweet and enjoyable in life? Lol

It’s pretty sad though but let’s remember those who indulge in such inhuman acts in prayers.
Now, let us smile and say hi to nature. Quick question: How do you feel when you are with the opposite sex (heterosexual)?
Well, I conducted a research on a few people and the response was flabbergasting
“Oh my God I feel – great, awesome, comfortable, like I’m in heaven, excited, like a real man or woman, special, I feel like I’m the luckiest person on earth and many more.
However, gays of today can also stand boldly and tell you they also get the same experiences with their partners. Well I do not know the kind of feelings or what so ever they are referring to, whether the naturally made from God or the artificial by man.
Being with your lovely opposite sex(heterosexual) Is the most beautiful thing ever on earth, if you ask me. Let’s not delve much into sex because I know some underage folks might get a hold of this write-up, but one basic factor in opposite sex relationship that make life beautiful is Child Birth. Children are a gift from God and a great source of happiness in every relationship. As stated in Psalms 127:3.
The question is can gays (homosexuals) ever conceive? No they can’t, but they will insist to marry as husband and wife. The most annoying aspect is when they adopt a child. I wonder if they perceive those children just appeared in the world or they are ignorant that a duo produced them.
It’s kind of a funny game, isn’t it?
My brother/sister let me take this opportunity to advise you to stay away from this inhuman act because it does no good to you both physically and spiritually. It’s a non ethical and society speaks greatly against it. It was for this very reason that God destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah in the Bible. Desist and abstain from friends who try to indulge you into such disgusting and abominable act. Stay positive and enjoy the real relationship made by God. Thank you. God bless you.


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