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Why Donald Trump Is The Most Honest US President

Donald Trump

Former Fox News journalist, Bill O’Reilly, interviews Donald Trump

Americans or the enemies of Trump can say anything they like against Trump or call him all kinds of names, yet this article will prove that Trump may likely be the most honest president in the political history of America.

The US government asserts the power over internal and foreign crimes, especially terrorism, but throughout history, the government clandestinely has done terrible things to its own people which most were covered up before later became known.

The notorious Tuskegee experiment, the distribution of specific micro-organisms with vaccinations among black people with roots from Africa, syphilis experiment, the feeding of the mentally ill patients with radioactive food, Aids, and Ebola bio-weapons, to mention but a few.

Despite the crimes the American government commits against humanity, they attack other world leaders calling them killers and this hypocrisy attitude hasn’t only generated hatred for Americans but also questions the integrity and honesty of the American government.

Once, the Philippine leader, Rodrigo Duterte, warned that “If you are corrupt, I will fetch you using a helicopter to Manila and I will throw you out. I have done this before, why would I not do it again?” Following this statement, the State Department Spokeswoman Anna Richey-Allen said in an emailed response to a Reuters inquiry that:

“As we have stated previously, we are deeply concerned about reports of extrajudicial killings by or at the behest of government authorities in the Philippines.”

This is an example of what is called ‘hypocrisy,’ and how America, one of the most dangerous countries in the world, responsible for Aids and Ebola, tries to persuade and impress the world that they care about people.

In fact, this false pretense is doing the American government more harm than good. During an interview with Donald Trump, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly described Putin as “a killer” as he tried to press the U.S. president to explain more fully why he respected his Russian counterpart, Putin.

Even though Trump gave him a good answer, “how innocent the United States itself was? Saying it had made a lot of its own mistakes. This particular answer even reveals how sincere Trump is because no American leader is prepared to speak the truth.

After this interview, Putin wasn’t happy about the comment Bill O’Reilly made. Months after a silence, Russia accuses Bill Gates of infecting Congolese villagers with Ebola.

The American government and its journalists can’t cover-up crimes and call other world leaders killers. There is no leader who will be happy about that, especially since every world leader knows that the American government has committed so much crime, including Aids and Ebola which have claimed thousands of lives around the globe.

In another development, the US government and the media accused the North Korean leader of executing his late uncle’s entire family to prevent ‘mutiny’ – including women, children and the ambassadors to Cuba and Malaysia. Like usual, world leaders accused of such crimes don’t react whether true or false but they get angry.

It wasn’t long when Kim Jong-Un dropped the bombshell, “North Korea accused America, using Africa as a testing ground for Ebola.” The American government wants to play it smart but each smart play is a bad decision revealing the dark side, lies and the hypocrisy of the government:

Those accusations are true. The American government is responsible for Aids and Ebola, yet calling other leaders killers. This is also part of the reason Kim Jong-Un treated Otto Warmbier very badly and handed him over to the American government to die.

“Making America great again,” was Trump’s campaign slogan. That means America was once great but has fallen. That fall might be very severe because nothing is getting better in that country before and after Trump won the elections.

Having the best educational system, war tanks, health care, the biggest movie industry and entertainment alone can’t build a great nation. Moral values are required for the progress of a country but have been completely ignored.

America should do away with hypocrisy, lies, and treat human beings, whether black or white with dignity and respect. They’ll definitely see a big change in the country for others to follow.

Written by Joel Savage. Ghanaian /Belgian Journalist


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