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When is Nabco Secretariat Paying Trainees Stipends for May ? (Details)

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As part of President Akuffo Addo’s dream to bridle the canker of unemployment in Ghana, he introduced the Nations Builders Corps, which saw over a 100,000 graduates finding themselves in seven modules under which 90% of graduates got employed in various organizations .

However after the commencement of the program in October 2018, The Nabco Secretariat led by Dr Ibrahim Aryars has encountered petty hitches which has made some trainees lose interest in the program.

One of the main challenges that has been identified is the PAYMENT OF STIPENDS.

Trainees who qualified and were employed under nabco have never been satisfied with the conditions with which their stipends are made available to them, as such there have been several occasions that trainees have threatened to go on demonstration.

While some complain of not receiving “Stipend since the program started”, others too complain of not being paid in the last month, two or three.

The situation sometimes aggravates to the extent that the media has to step in and intervene on behalf of trainees.

Few weeks ago, the Nabco Secretariat seemingly performed a miracle by settling debt which saw them releasing stipends for March, April and some arrears.

Trainees who were over excited about the turn over however thought their stipends for May would follow, but to no avail.

Meanwhile some trainees are of the impression that their May and June stipends will be settled on the 15th of July.

The question on the lips of many is, are Nabco Trainees going to be paid their stipends on a two month basis?

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