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What Is The Future For The Young People In Ghana?

Ghanaian student

By Joel Savage

Everyone following Ghanaian politics will clearly see how the people are committed to politics in the country. The thinking of and praying for the right political party to rule Ghana and make life easier for the suffering masses have been part of the normal life of every common Ghanaian.

 In advanced countries, because the economies are in good shape, with cheap basic necessities and less unemployment, young people are less and less interested in politics but in Ghana, the situation is different. The lack of confidence in the new generation towards political parties and unions, keep rising daily.

The young Ghanaians today are even less willing than adults to give trust to institutions and politicians because they believe that politics is inevitably polluted by the search for power and particular privileges.

Their disapproval, however, does not lead them to mobilize themselves, but rather to keep them at a distance, which is very bad for the Ghanaian government because the youth is a pillar or a force behind every successful government. 

The unemployment rate in the youth is very high in Ghana because of professional and educational cost. It’s not easy to change a profession in Africa, including Ghana.

For example, in Belgium, if someone graduates in the field of engineering and finds it difficult to get a job, the government’s public employment service, the VDAB, can help the one follow the desired course to enter into a temporary or permanent new profession to survive.

It’s the duty of the VDAB to give you a second opportunity in life free of charge to live a normal life after all when you get a job, your tax will help others and develop the country. While working, your Curriculum Vitae is already on their website, thus; you have still an opportunity to be called by any employer interested in you.

It will be out of context for anyone to assume that Belgium is a rich country than Ghana, therefore, things will be better in that country than Ghana. I need to state it clearly that Belgium doesn’t have even one-third of the resources Ghana has. Knowledge is power; therefore, Ghana needs intelligent leaders to create jobs and plan ahead. That’s what Ghana needs.

Whereby in Europe, European politicians sit hours in parliaments, planning how to provide the right amenities and create jobs for the general public, most African leaders sit hours planning on how to increase their wealth.

There was a time Belgium had no leader for 541 days, who cared? Nobody, because the country is well planned that with or without a leader, everyone is busy going to work and things moving in the normal way but not Ghana. Ghanaians wake up each morning, thinking about politics because too many people are suffering.

What is the guarantee for young people in Ghana? The youth guarantee must become a reality throughout Ghana to help improve the lives of millions of people suffering in the country.

The writer Joel Savage is a Ghanaian-Belgian journalist and author. The accredited press-card holder of the Flemish Journalists Association once contributed regularly to the features column of the Daily Graphic, The Mirror, Ghanaian Times and the Weekly Spectator. He currently lives in Belgium.


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