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“What do we get from you apart from attitude and ego” – Fan jabs Sarkodie


This is not the first time Ghanaian musicians have complained about the free downloads of music from some online music sites. According to the musicians it is something which is really affecting their career and as a result not putting any money in their pocket.

Some are of the opinion that telecommunication companies are rather enjoying from their sweat because they (musicians) earn nothing from the downloads from free sites.

Today on social media the BET award winner Sarkodie tweeted to Share more concern about the free download process which has been in the existence since forever. The rapper believes these sites are just interested in getting traffic for their selfish interest and not that of the musicians.

“All these free sites want is the traffic on their sites so you still don’t lose anything if you push official links from your sites … It starts from there, so the people understand how it works …. He tweeted

However a fan with username @Dvhinci who perceived that as a sign of ungratefulness tweeted him to question what fans get from him

“But there’s something like free support right ?what do we get from supporting you apart from attitude and ego?”

The Rapper then replied

“Stay without music for a month and you will know what you get from us boss 🙏🏾 God bless you for your support anyways”


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