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“We can’t even save 10% of our stipends” – Nabco trainees cry out.

“We can’t even save 10% of our stipends” -Nabco trainees cry out.

One of the most problematic challenges facing trainees who were employed under the Nation Builders corps (Nabco) is the payment of stipends.

The initiative was introduced by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to help address the canker of graduate unemployment, which would simultaneously solve some social problems.

However after the commencement of Nabco in October 2018, the inability of stipends to be paid to Nabco trainees has become an issue that causes one to bury their faces in their palms. Sometimes trainees have to embark on strikes and series of demonstration before their stipends are sluggishly released.

One Facebook user, who just so happens to be a Nabco trainee, (name withheld) claimed he has worked for a 3 solid months but has not received even a penny for his work done. He obviously is not the only person who is being owed an arrear of stipends.

Another trainee who is fortunate or unfortunate, depending on how you look at it, who has been receiving his stipends claimed he hasn’t even been able to save 500gh out of money paid to him since the first commencement of the Nabco initiative. Stating that it is due to the manner in which the stipends are paid.

“Nabco pays stipends every 7 weeks instead of 4, delay tactics. All the money we take from them are been used on food and transportation. We can’t even save money” he said.

Meanwhile, he is of the view that Nabco was created merely for the propagation of a political agenda and not to help the graduates as said by the president during its launch days.

“Nabco was just created by Nana Addo to win votes from the youth. He didn’t introduce it to help us. By the end of the 3 years in nabco we will become useless with nothing in our account” – he added.

Meanwhile a story by Ghanaweb has said that
“NABCO trainees give government 3-day ultimatum to settle unpaid allowances”

It seems to be widely perceived that the Board of directors of Nabco, led by Dr. Aryans, always wait till trainees threaten to go on demonstration before they release their stipends.

Some questions that run through the minds of Ghanaians are; Is Dr. Aryans really working? Is Nabco achieving its goal of helping the unemployed youth? Is Nabco seemingly a political camouflage?

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