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“We are slaves under nabco” – trainees drops another Press release

NABCO trainees

Is yet another week and poor nabco trainees have been prank again about the payment of their stipends. One doesn’t need Okomfo Anokye ghost to perceive that Nabco secretariat have taken trainees for granted and do not care about them. How on earth will young graduates work for 3 months without getting a penny in their pocket . Have they thought about how this young graduates are surviving?

Well trainees have putting out a new press release to address the dilemma they are going through under nabco


Settlement of Arrears and allowances due Trainees Turned into “AKAN DRAMA” and a Purported approach to enslave Trainees in an Unbearable Hardship. Management and stakeholders must sit up else…

Ironically, inasmuch as Nabco Trainees are absolutely disheartened by the lack of: passion, vitality and commitment of Management in addressing our grievances, We emphatically state that the modus operandi of settling the arrears due Trainees is not only prolonging but becoming lampoon.

Above claims merit on the fact that Trainees were profoundly assured payment of  arrears from November to February in addition to March stipend scheduled between last weekend Wednesday, 15th May and Friday, 17th May, which only saw very few payment of November arrears. We admit to say that even with the November arrears paid, not all the Trainees with such arrears backlog were captured.

In fact, we will ardently add that if this week ends without settling all arrears, March and April stipends, Trainees will be subjected to extreme hardship, despondency and encircling gloom.

Trainees passion, and commitment towards this Nation Building Course continue to depreciate amid the government nonchalance and irregular manner of paying our stipends, thereby visiting upon us untold hardships.

The leaders of Coalition of Nabco Trainees as a matter or urgency call on government and all stakeholders to intervene to probe into the matters of Trainees grievances particular Payments of Stipends and implement a formalized structures to clear all arrears dated back November 2018 before the Month of May before the distasteful action hits our streets.

We therefore call on all Trainees and sympathizers to remain unanimous as the coalition soon communicates the final schedule of our Massive Demonstration if our grievances remain fully unaddressed.

We would like to reaffirm our position that under no circumstance shall we compromise partial fulfillment of our plights by the Secretariat . We concrete on our strong Appeal requesting the Secretariat to pay all Arrears from November to April.

All Trainees should join the Official Telegram page for more updates ⬇️⬇️

Our earnest Demands:
1.Pay us all unpaid allowances (from November to date):

A. Arrears from November 2018 to February, 2019.

B. Unpaid Stipends for the March and April

2. Henceforth, we demand regular payment of our stipends.

3. We demand all unplaced Trainees be equally placed as soon as possible.


The President of the Republic of Ghana
The Veep of the Republic of Ghana
The Cabinet
The Parliament
The Minister for Finance
The Minister for Information
The Nabco Secretariat
All Media houses
All Nabco Trainees Nationwide.
@and etc.

Nana Barimah Asamoah
National President
Coalition of Nabco Trainees

Samuel Nyarko
Vice President
Coalition of Nabco Trainees

Frank Aboagye Mensah
PRO, Coalition of Nabco Trainees

Sadic Abubakar Morgan
Secretary, Coalition of Nabco Trainees.

Thomas Gyamerah
Organizer, Coalition of Nabco Trainees

Stephanie Sampong
Eastern Regional President

Obeng Francis
Bono East President

Kwarkye Asamoah
Ashanti Regional President

Joel Jesse Addo
Western Regional President

Samuel Benson
Central Regional President

Malik Sumaila
Savannahs Regional President

Hassan Ibrahim
Northern Regional President.

#Get involved and share to reach all Trainees


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