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“We are dying out of hunger “Nabco trainees writes their grievances to government

Nabco trainees

Trainees employed under the nation builders corps (Nabco) , initiative by the First Gentleman of the land, President Akuffo Addo, have taken another step to share their worries to government. This time a Press release has been published to address the dilemma of which they are going through.

Press release

By this Communiqué, the leadership of CONAT acknowledges the intense hardship and starvation trainees are going through and accords them its deepest condolences.

We would emphatically state that, leaders of the Coalition haven’t relented or compromised our legitimate fight for the betterment of Trainees’ conditions of service under this initiative. *In that effect, Trainees apparently crippled with no funds to afford foods and Transports to work may boycott work till the time they are duly paid, and coordinators are advised accordingly to share their agonies and desist from any potential victimization*.

In fact per the current insolvent state of Trainees, if March arrears is only remitted without that of April paid simultaneously, will immediately absorb into Trainees indebtedness to MTN Quick Loan Service, Fido Loans and other creditors, which may not effect any betterment to the current pathetic livelihood of Trainees.

Trainees can only be satisfied and grateful only if our demands are fully met with all arrears paid from:
*November – April*
*December – April*
*January – April*
*February – April*
*March and April*

We understand Trainees are very disappointed with no inception of payments amid the done-deal promise made by the *Ashanti Regional Coordinator, Mr. Dennis Kwakwa* in a recent interview with Kesben FM which he solemnly assured clearance of November to February arrears backlogs supposed to happen between Wednesday, 15th May and Thursday, 16th May and with March stipend equally paid within this week, *which has been a mirage to Trainees and ridicule observing vigils and watch nights to see messages on payments of such arrears*.

We therefore admonish Trainees to extend their expectations over next week whiles the leadership of the Coalition is making necessary arrangements on a Massive Action we could immediately embark in any case payment is protracted or partially made contrary to our demand for full payment of arrears from November to April and subsequent regularization.

*We would like to again use this medium to sensitize Trainees and general public that CONAT incessant threat to demonstrate isn’t basically driven by the love of the action, but to urge management of this flagship initiative to swiftly address the grievances of Trainees. Demonstration is not healthy to our socioeconomic environment but we may not avail to any rapid alternative action than to demonstrate since we can no longer continue starving*.

Finally, we will aggressively appeal to management and all stakeholders of this initiative that in as much as Trainees are demonstrating professionalism and hard work to this Nation Building Agenda, the payment of their entitlements shouldn’t be a Herculean task to perform at all. We solemnly demand all arrears paid up to April and absolute normalization within this month.


The President of the Republic of Ghana
The Veep of the Rmetblic of Ghana
The Cabinet
The Parliament
The Minister of Finance
The Minister of Information
The Nabco Secretariat
All NABCO Trainees
All media houses
All Nabco Trainees Nationwide.
@and etc.

*Nana Barimah Asamoah*
National President
Coalition of Nabco Trainees

*Samuel Nyarko*
Vice President
Coalition of Nabco Trainees

*Frank Aboagye Mensah*
PRO, Coalition of Nabco Trainees

*Sadic Abubakar Morgan*
Secretary, Coalition of Nabco Trainees.

*Thomas Gyamerah*
Organizer, Coalition of Nabco Trainees

*Stephanie Sampong*
Eastern Regional President

*Obeng Francis*
Bono East President

*Kwarkye Asamoah*
Ashanti Regional President

*Joel Jesse Addo*
Western Regional President

*Samuel Benson*
Central Regional President

*Malik Sumaila*
Savannahs Regional President

*Hassan Ibrahim*
Northern Regional President.

*#Get involved and share to reach all Trainees*



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