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Watch : Wendy Shay Alerts Upcoming musicians on the easiest way to blow in Ghana.

Wendy Shay

Uber Driver Hitmaker, Wendy Shay, has said the easiest way a musician can become a hit without any stress is by joining her label Rufftown Records. 

She revealed this to Larry in an interview on TV Africa, a private television in Accra, Ghana.

One cannot argue if the statement that the number of underground musicians in Ghana are more than those in the limelight is made. Ghana has got countless talents but the support to push these talents have become a dilemma.

Few records labels like Lynx Entertainment headed by Richie, black Avenue Music, and a few others are labels who are pushing young talents in Ghana.

Rufftown Records, a label owned by Bullet, a former member of the Music Duo ‘Ruff and Smooth’ is another label which has groomed and introduced beautiful talents in the music industry.

Ebony Reigns who was their first Signee became a worldwide hit musician until she sadly passed away.

Wendy Shay and Fantana are the current signees on the label and Wendy is doing very well.

She believes that looking at her achievements in one year under Rufftown, the only solution to any upcoming musician who wants to blow in the music industry is to join her label.

Watch video below


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