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Video : “The Number One Problem On Earth Is Religion – Majid Michel

Majid Michel

Over the years, many have tagged him a bad boy, seemingly as a result of the ‘lover boy’ roles he is widely known to play in movies.

The A-list actor in recent times has been seen holding crusades and vehemently conducting evangelism to win souls for the kingdom of God in many religious programs preaching and sharing the word of God to congregants.

A rival video is trending on social media, and in the video the actor was seen describing “leadership” and “religion” as the number one and only problem facing humanity.

He stated in the video that religion historically has perpetuated so much destruction.

He made mention of some popular religions like Islam, Buddhism, hindu and Christianity which he himself is a propagator.

He is of the opinion that religion has created violence and has destroyed so many lives on earth.

Majid believes that all religions are the same and so there is no need for religious people to throw stones at each other.

The multiple award winning actor added that religion is meant to protect, guide and preserve human life but its appears to be doing the contrary.

He concluded by saying that “it is better for humans to pull back from mere religious zeal and gear towards spiritual sensitivity to the value of humans because all humans deserve protection.

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