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Video : Singer eShun reveals how she suffered broken heart for 10 years

Songwriter, singer and performer eShun has revealed how she wallowed in pain for ten years after a man she loved unconditionally, broke her heart. 

Speaking in an interview with Sammy Flex on Zylofon FM’s Showbiz Agenda, eShun mentioned that the composition of her ‘Someone Loves Me’ song was inspired by the bitter experience. 

“A guy broke my heart. It took like ten years for me to get over him,” she said. “When I got the opportunity to treat this subject, I was just getting over the heartbreak. So I decided to compose it the way I felt. Someone hadn’t come but I knew I had gotten over it.” 

In what appeared to be an advice for the brokenhearted, eShun said: “When you’re heartbroken, you think no one will come because your heart is blocked. But when you open up, you’d realise there are good people lined up there. Even when you’ve not seen anyone, you know your heart is free for another person to enter.” 

The song talks about a once brokenhearted person who has found love again and after getting out of the quagmire, the ex-lover shows up wanting a comeback. 

“Did you ever think that I go never find love? Then it was a dream… a bad dream” she sang.

According to eShun, soon after releasing the song, the former boyfriend called on phone to find out if the song was targeted at him. 

‘Someone Loves Me’ was released in 2017. The song which was produced by Willis Beatz featured Flowking Stone who unleashed some catchy rap lines. 

eShun is out with a single ‘Talk Talk’ 

Watch her interview below


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