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Video : Nana Boroo finally admits stealing “Fine Boy”, claims he didn’t know where to find Obuoba J. A Adofo for permission

Nana Boroo and Obuoba J. A Adofo

Nana Boroo has been off screens for over five years after his first hit song “Aha Yede”.

Few weeks ago the Hiplife Singer released a single titled “Fine Boy”, a song which is said to be a jab to his critics who think his career is dead.

Highlifers on the other hand have been at his throat saying the tune is a glaring replica of Legendary Obuoba J.A Adofo’s song titled “Yaa Dufie”.

The artist has come under a lot of criticism and social media users have nearly bitten off the musician’s head.

Adofo Junior, Son of Legendary Adofo came out to complain that Nana Boroo didn’t seek permission from his father before taking his property. He even threatened to sue Nana Boroo if the necessary steps are not followed.

When the Tema based Singer was approached, he denied ever sampling the song.

In a recent interview with Abeiku Santana on Accra based Okay Fm, Nana Boroo after several comparisons of his ‘fine Boy ‘and that of’ Yaa Dufie’ were made, he finally admitted that he took inspiration from the beautiful old song.

Asked the reason why he didn’t seek permission from the sole owner, Obuoba JA Adofo, he said he didn’t know how to contact him.

Watch Full interview below.



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