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Video : Medikal’s “Wrowroho” song is spoiling our children – Ashiaman Market Women Lament

If you live within the four walls of Ghana, and have any interest in the Ghanaian music and entertainment industry, you have probably heard “Y3 Wrowroho” playing loudly at one pub down the road, or being sang and danced to by the children in your compound.

Music as often said; is food for the soul. As such one can vehemently argue that the type of music a person listens to would either nourish his or her soul, or bring doom to it.

Humans for centuries have used the art form for the purpose of education, enlightenment, expressing love and various emotions, relaxation, merry making, amongst others.

However, it is rather unfortunate that such an artistic platform which was meant to be used to educate and perpetuate reformation in the minds and hearts of the youth, is constantly battered with profanity and used as an avenue to display the filth we have lurking in the corners of our minds.

TuneTalkMedia, having taken notice of the new trend of profane music being constantly stuffed in the face and ears of the Ghanaian, spoke to the Ashiaman Market Women, and they had this to say…

“I’m called Akos, and when the children see me they begin to play Medikal’s song, Sister Akos me p3 w’ade3 nu. I really wish the government could put a ban on such songs, as they are clearly spoiling our children”.

One of the market women adviced that the bodies in charge of scrutinising music content before they come out should see to it that such ‘musical weeds’ are uprooted from the system before they destroyed their hardwork as parents.


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