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Video : Let’s make Tema the cleanest city in Ghana – Miss Tema Metro 2018

2nd Runner-up Miss Tema Metro 2018 Tina Ewoe on left

Fighting Improper Sanitation has become problematic in Ghana. The condition which is attitudinal, results in flood day in day out, which takes the lives of people whenever there are heavy downpours.

As a result, the reigning Miss Metro Tema 2018 1st Runner-up, Queen Tina in collaboration with LALOC Foundation has launched a project with theme “Educating the youth to grow In cleanliness” to help mobilise the young ones to make Tema one of the cleanest cities in Ghana.

Speaking to Queen Ernestina Adzo Dika she said, Ghana is the 7th Dirtiest Country and to change this narrative we need to teach the Young ones who are growing the perfect way to keep their environment healthy.

She told Tune Talk Media that her colleagues in other regions are contributing into fighting improper Sanitation and that is the main focus of Miss Metro.

“We have queens in other metro doing similar projects but we want to focus on the basics schools ” – she said

She’s of the opinion that with some sponsors she can do her best to contribute to making Tema the cleanest city in Ghana.

She therefore called on organizations and contributors inside and outside Ghana to come to their aid to fight against improper Sanitation in Tema.

“We have sponsors but we need more to be able to make this happen”.

She concluded by asking Ghanaians to keep their environment clean to prevent flood and unwanted ailments.

Watch video Below.


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