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Video : Is Nana Ama pregnant for Strongman?

Nana Ama and Strongman

Millions of words cannot define the love rapper Strongman has for his long time girlfriend Nana Ama.

Upon all the brouhaha that was said about Nana Ama when Strongman had a mere beef with Rapper Medikal, Strongman still can’t stop loving his girlfriend and has even featured her in a new video.

Strongman is seen singing for the first time, is that not romantic of him…

Currently Strongman and Nana Ama are the talk of the town and social media users are even comparing their love life to that of Megastars Jay Z and Beyonce.

But is Nana Ama pregnant for Strongman, or it is just another publicity stunt….

Watch the below official music video of song titled “Nana Ama” and let’s continue the chat in the comment box


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