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Video : Ghanaians perceive our wooden art craft as “Abosomsem” but the whites come to buy them in bulk” – Artisan


An artisan in the kumasi Cultural center has lamented that there is low patronage of their products due to the mentality of some Ghanaians.

Tune Talk TV and tunetalkmedia.com paid a visit to Agya Adu’s shop in Ammamere Fie in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. There the talented artisan shared his grievances about the Ghanaian perception that their beautiful wooden crafts are satanic, as a result of how its portrayed in their movies.

“Ghanaians, especially those with children find it difficult to purchase the wooden crafts for their homes. They have it in mind that there are spirits in it that will hunt their children” – he said in Twi.

Mr Oduro added that Ghanaians always reject their cultural products which is something we should put a stop to.

Watch full interview


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