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Video : Black “inferiority” is a product of the perpetuation of the “White Jesus” agenda – Fuse ODG rants.

Ghanaian UK based artist and multiple Award winner Fuse ODG has said that the inferiority the black man seems to have for the white man is directly linked to the “White Jesus” ideology that was engraved in the mind of the African by the Romans. He said emphatically that the socio-economic and psychological growth of the African has been greatly stunted as a result.

The Antenna hitmaker stated this in one of his performances in UK. According to the artist, he grew up believing Jesus was a white man. He however believes this was an agenda carefully crafted by the white man to dominate the minds of Africans and enslave us mentally.

The artist added that “religion” has done Africans more harm than good. He advised the audience who were present to witness his performance to believe that, God exists in each and every one and so they should stay away from these so called images created to portray Jesus.

Watch video below



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