Home Showbiz Twitter Users mock Sarkodie for wearing GTP “Kaba” fabric after dissing Manifest.

Twitter Users mock Sarkodie for wearing GTP “Kaba” fabric after dissing Manifest.


Ya’ll recall the “God MC” Diss song by M.anifest which triggered a beef that ensued between himself and Sarkodie?

In Sarkodie’s reply with ‘Kanta’ to M.anifest…

Sark said……
“Obi bɛ diss-e me a na ɛnyɛ rapper ɔde GTP ntoma pam kaba”, in English (If someone will Diss me it shouldn’t be a Rapper who use GTP to sew Kaba).

“Kaba” is a style of cloth mostly sew by women in Ghana

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It is believed that Sarkodie after the Diss apologized to GTP as a brand, its users and Ghanaians as a whole.

The two Rappers have smoked the peace pipe after their beef and are in good terms now.

Today is the birthday of Sarkodie and to Celebrate it in a glamorous way, the rapper posted a photoshoot of himself wearing same GTP he dissed Manifest on sometime ago .

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Right after sharing the pictures, some fans who perceived that as a sign of hypocrisy tweeted to jab him as to why he will Diss a fellow Rapper for wearing GTP and go behind doors to wear same Fabric .

A fan tweeted

“Hypocrisy is when you diss another artiste for wearing Kaba then go and have a photo shoot in kaba”.

Another fan tweeted

“So where do you stand now. You diss Manifest for wearing kaba. Please what is this. @sarkodie @manifestive “

“So @sarkodie too dey wear the Kaba some?
😂😂 Sarkodie paa “


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