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Together As One Let’s Fight This Coronavirus Pandemic

If a mistake is done, the correction is often difficult because of obstacles one may encounter, the same thing applies to the coronavirus pandemic. Since last year, the disease which originates from China has decimated the world in a cruel manner that the situation seems to be out of control.

Initial methods to prevent the spread of disease were better handled by many countries across the globe, while other countries that lack the right plans or resources to deal with the situation, allowed the disease to take control over its population.

Despite that Spain and Italy were among the countries that recorded the highest death tolls, they have derived proper measures to deal with the situation, while the cases in the United States of America keep rising without an immediate solution.

Why a country as the United States of America with one of the best health systems keep recording a high number of deaths daily? Many people around the globe following the coronavirus crisis in the country blame the high cost of medical insurance which many people, including the African-Americans, can’t afford.

However, examining the political situation in the United States of America, one can’t blame the crisis on high medical insurance alone in the country. It is very easy to identify that one of the major causes which have worsened the coronavirus situation in the country is ‘political.’

Many people, including the opposition, hate Donald Trump and, therefore, want him to fail. Instead of Americans coming together to fight the disease, they remain divided, using politics as a tool to make things and the handling of the pandemic very difficult for Donald Trump.

It’s not a hidden agenda that even though many openly show their support and admiration to the president, he is also surrounded by an empire of deceitful enemies who are not only praying for his failure but also will do everything to see the downfall of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s enemies are not giving him any help to fight the disease, instead, they are helping to spread the disease.

There is a reason people often say that politics is a dirty game, however, if Americans will not put this dirty game aside to help the president, by the time the disease subsides, it may kill millions of Americans, including children, Caucasians, and Blacks.

Article By Joel Savage, Ghanaian /Belgian Journalist 


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