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This is what Yvonne Nelson has to say about Nudity on Social media.

Yvonne Nelson

Actress and Producer Yvonne Nelson has commented on the current trend on social media where ladies put out their nude pictures for a reason known to only them.

Speaking on Hitz fm, the mother of one disagreed with such behaviors and called it another pressure which the young ladies are facing these days.

Asked if she doesn’t give nude roles to Ladies in her productions she answered no.

To her if putting nude pictures out there is what will make one happy, who is she to stop them..

“Its an individual, so if they think showing nude pictures or applying chemicals to get the backcase and put it out there is the best, so be it.

Asked if she has appeared nude in movies before, she said yes but not to the extent at which people do on social media.

“I have shown my legs before, but in the movies we put a message across so we usually make it balance”. – she added.


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