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This Fish Has Human Teeth And People Are Freaking Out

Wonders they say shall never end. Photos of fishes with human teeth and mouth has popped up on social media and people are flabbergasted about it.

A check made by Tune Talk Media indicates that the name of the fish is “sheepshead” .

However a research conducted by thedodo.com declared that it is one of the most powerful fishes in the world.

“These fishes have some pretty impressive chompers.Equipped with super strong jaws, sheepsheads are able to easily crush through hard-shelled sea life like oysters, crabs and barnacles, which make up much of their adult diet. Multiple rows of molars behind their front teeth grind up the food into tiny particles as they chew.

Their jaws are so powerful, in fact, that they have even been known to snap metal fishhooks in half.

Weighing in at around 20 pounds as adults, they’re a common target among fishermen due to their size, and have even been at risk in the past due to overfishing. Luckily, the sheepshead fish population as a whole is doing much better now, and they’re often spotted by divers hanging around mangrove roots, piers and jetties.

And if their picture-perfec smiles are any indicator, these fish are more like us than we know — and that’s all the better reason to keep them safe”.


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