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The state of being fatherless – Written by Isaac Adu

The state of being fatherless is an abysmal trend of this generation.This problem is now the leading cause of most despicable acts exhibited by most children which turn to affect their future in the society. It is also the engine driver of most of our urgent social problems.

I am a victim of a fatherless child who would want to use my story to encourage the youth of today.

My mother got married to a man who wasn’t my biological father. I experienced real maltreatments at the age of twelve years..I sometimes go to bed without food. I will always cry my heart out and pray to God for rescue.

I was one day admitted at the hospital because I was seriously ill. I thought my father would show a little care knowing so well that I was so under the weather but never exuded a tiny weary of affection to me. He instead ordered for my discharge with a reason that I was faking.

I am now approaching the age of getting married but so frightened to settle down with a partner who would also ferociously relate with with my children.

Do not get into a relationship with the following as your reasons; money, beauty and other irrelevant social factors because they can easily jeopardize your relationship, rather get into a relationship with an open heart full of love and God fearing.

Now I want to conclude by asking the following questions;
How do you measure a sense of abandonment and betrayal?

How again do you measure the feeling of not fitting in and being different?

A father’s absence in many ways steals our birth right.


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