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The latest profession for Ghanaian female graduates is becoming Makeup Artists and selling second hand clothes. – Written by Alex Tune

I don’t know if it’s funny or sad, but it’s simply amazing that a large majority of graduates in Ghana, the females of course, are becoming makeup artists and sellers of second hand clothing, while the men are resorting to fraud as a means of survival.

Blame them, you shan’t.

I am not writing this article to criticize the government but I’m simply grieving over the saying “Seeing is believing”.

It’s rather unfortunate that in the part of the world we live in, if a graduate has not gotten the ‘links’, or does not agree to sleep with big wigs (on the part of females), ready to pay huge amounts of money, etc then count yourself among the graduates who will be perceived by society as “Useless”.

Severally, I have come across graduates with Degrees, Diplomas, HND and even Masters degrees who are into businesses that is not even fetching them up to 500gh a month.

My colleagues back in Ghana Institute of Journalism are living testaments to what I’m iterating.

Most of these graduates are doing this makeup business and selling of clothes not to impress society but to get their daily bread. Rapper Sarkodie calls this living from “Hand To Mouth” .

NB: There is absolutely nothing wrong with selling of clothes or becoming a makeup artist, as they are both very honest dealings, but my question is, since when did a large number of graduates with degree in economics, business administration, Mathematics, English, journalism, etc decide to flock towards being makeup artists and small scale sellers?

Well, I stand to be corrected but the truth is none of these graduates are doing this low level businesses for the love of the job or passion.

Furthermore no one will spend five good years in school, complete, put certificates in the wardrobe and enter into makeup or selling second hand clothes as a lifetime career.

The system in this part of the world where we find ourselves is so messed up to the extent that some graduates will even tell you “tertiary education is meaningless and has no substantial use in Ghana in the long run”.

As the ladies flock towards painting faces, the men mostly resort to Fraud.

Last year the government introduced a program called Nation Builders Corps “Nabco” which was said to employ 100,000 graduates.

However, the condition of the program and the trainees under the program will make you shed tears.

While some complain of not being paid for 3 months, others complain of not getting stipends since the commencement of the program.

Graduates are treated with no respect whatsoever in the Ghana.

I remember a tweet from Ace Broadcaster Nana Aba Anamoah, saying she insulted a politician for saying Ghanaian graduates are lazy. She did well on that.

To some politicians, graduates can start their own business without waiting for the government to employ them.

But the fail to ask themselves how a fresh unemployed graduate will get money to start the business they talk about.

Have we ever asked ourselves where we are getting to as a country as far as graduate employment is concerned?

Isn’t unemployment the pivotal reason why most young men travel by road abroad for greener pasture which leaves them dead on the desert?

We all know what happened in Libya recently where countless of young men were sold in modern day slavery while others were killed for no reason.

In a nutshell, I think the education system in Ghana has failed the youth totally.

I plead with the government to do all they can to create more jobs in order to solve the unemployment issues in our mother land Ghana.

Written by Alex Tune 

Editor : Nuel Kunle Triumph 


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