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Stop wearing same “black and white” panties and bead – Sofo Maame Mabel Bempong to ladies

Sofo Maame Mabel Bempong

Sofo Maame Mabel has said that women should stop wearing same panties because it contribute to men cheating on them.

Speaking on UTV telenovela who “killed Libia” , the respected counselor stated that most women are the reasons why their husbands cheat on them..

“Our ladies should change their ways of appearing to their husbands. The same panties they wear every day is annoying and push their husbands away” – she said in Twi

She added that there are lot of classy panties and bead in the market and so ladies should go and purchase such colorful ones.

“In our days unlike before there are lot of classy panties in the market which are very colorful. Go to the market and buy such panties. When you wear such panties with that pretty bead, it will attract your husband whenever he comes around you for intimate” .

She stated that most Ladies are dirty and it’s even a problem for them to keep their rooms tidy.

She however advised ladies to keep themselves neat and attractive because it is also another way to keep a man from another women.


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