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Some Men Are Turning Good Women Into Prostitutes – Counselor Adofoli

Counselor Adofoli

Written by Counselor Adofoli

In a recent beef or fight between two musicians, which got lots of people talking, it was about nothing but one line of insult, describing a lady as loose, and it got everyone talking. But the story would have been different if the man was describe as such. It seem bad when a lady jumps from one relationship to another but not bad when a man does same.

In our cultural setting are the ladies the ones proposing or is it the men? So in the actual sense, it’s the men making the women bad. It’s the men turning the women into prostitutes. She would have remained un-chased if she wasn’t chased. She would not have changed partners if another man had not come her way promising something bigger or doing what the man she is with failed to do.

It is time we stopped this village mentality of calling women who had a lot to do with men as good for nothing, yet hail men who have a lot to do with women. Such a man cannot control the tiny part of his body like the penis, and uses it on every woman. He is as guilty as the woman who has lost control of a tiny hole on her body.

There is no difference between such a man and woman. They are all suffering from the same sickness.

The loose ‘stick” which enters every hole suffers the same fate as a loose “hole” that accepts every loose stick. If you doubt this statement as a man, try having unprotected sex with a lady suffering from a sexually transmitted disease, and see if you won’t be blessed with the same illness.

The very ladies the men tag or label as loose women are the same ladies many of these men want to worship, follow, date or have something to do with.

If she is that bad, why do you want to have a relationship or covenant or cut or sex with her? If you agree to do that, remember you are worse like her.

If she is bad, stop following her. Mature men know how to control their penis and they also understand that sex, love and marriage are serious and sacred. So they treat them as such.

They also know what one chooses to do with their sexual organ is their own business. They mind their business and don’t patronize or have relationships with people who don’t share the same moral values and standards as them.

It’s funny to know that on social media, the ladies tagged as whores or prostitutes are mostly followed by men. She is bad, you are good, why follow her. What has good got to do with bad? The truth is, those followers are as bad as the ones they follow.

In conclusion, “So don’t destroy yourself by being too good or acting too smart! 17 Don’t die before your time by being too evil or acting like a fool” – Ecclesiastes 7:16-17 (CEV).

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