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Sister Deborah writes: The Beach Today VS Then (Photos)

Sister Deborah
Sister Deborah

Songstress and TV personality, Deborah Vanessa, affectionately called Sister Derbie, has recounted her youthful experiences at the beach versus that of today.

According to the beautiful singer, the beach life has lost its splendor due to the amount of filth at the shores these days.

Below was her write-up

Growing up in Accra, my mother will take my siblings and I to the beach every single weekend. Sometimes we will go outside Accra to Winneba or Cape Coast to swim. All I would see at the shores are sea shells and I would pick as many as I could.

I would take the sea shells home and my mother would use them for her flower pots to keep the soil moist to grow her plants and flowers on the veranda. And I would use some for arts and crafts (my hobby then).

But for the past decade, when I go to the beach within Accra or even outside up to Kokrobite, I no longer see the shore covered with beautiful sea shells. All I see are rubbers, plastic cutlery, plastic bottles, old rubber shoes, used condoms, ear buds, toothbrushes.

Plastics, plastics, plastics. This proves that we are killing marine life. Even the clams, oysters and sea slugs are dying. As you can see, the seas worldwide are already getting mad angry and vomiting all the plastic trash out.

Image 1 is what I grew up with

and image 2 is what the new generation is experiencing.

And what we are experiencing now. The solution is to produce / use more biodegradable materials, recycle plastic more and eventually ban the production of new plastics. ♻️♻️♻️


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