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Singer OV reveals why she dresses like a guy, says she’s dating and not a lesbian

stonebwoy and O.V
stonebwoy and O.V

Many have the perception that she’s a lesbian. Some even call her ugly, tomboy and other offensive words.

According to O. V, she’s not what people think she is and she always feels hurt when she comes across such comments or tags.

Answering to if she’s dating on Linkup on Zylofon Fm, she answered in the affirmative.

She revealed that this is how she was brought up and so people shouldn’t say all sort of negative things about her when she lives the opposite.

“This was how I was brought up and it’s going to take time to adjust. I’m human and you should know this is me” – she said

She added that her dressing or appearance is an art.

“Aside everything, we are creatives and am artist, and so if am looking this way, I’m doing it because I want you to like it, my beads, hair, Cowries are art”.

She ended by saying people should get to know each other well before they voice out all sorts of unsolicited opinions about them.

“Get to know people before you say things about them, I’m human”.


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