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Shatta Wale reveals why he didn’t add ‘Paah Paah Paah’ in his verse with Beyonce.

Beyonce and Shatta Wale

After the release of ‘Already’ by Beyonce and Shatta Wale, the dancehall artist has come under criticism as to why he didn’t include his “Paa Paa Paa” signature in it.

In an interview on Hitz fm with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz , Shatta answered to why he didn’t include ‘Paa Paa Paah’ in the song . He said 

‘I understand people are criticizing me because I didn’t say Paah Paah Paah in the song but the truth is, you know this project is a big one and I didn’t want to mess up or joke with it’. He said

Full Audio : Beyonce ft Shatta Wale – Already (The Lion King Album) 

He added that the project came from above and if he joked with it he could have lost the contract and so that is why he focused on the message instead of any other thing.

Hilariously Shatta added that he being featured on Beyonce’s song is like a dream come true.

‘I can even retire today because my dream has come true’


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