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Sarkodie Reveals where he shot the official music video of “Lucky” featuring Rudeboy

Location of Sarkodie’s Lucky music video

Sarkodie released ‘Lucky’ last weekend, a song off his album “BLACK LOVE ” which featured Rudeboy of the defunct P Square Duo.

The song however came with its official Video which topped YouTube ‘trending chart’ few hours after it was released.

Music lovers and fans became curious as to which country the video was shot. The location which looked like a pretty exotic island made people believe the video was shot outside Ghana.

Today the multiple award winner has taken to Facebook to dish out details of how the whole production of the beautiful music video of ‘Lucky’ came about.

Sark revealed that the video was shot right here in Axim, Ghana and not in a foreign country as people think.

He shared the below on Facebook

Before and after I released the #Lucky video, a lot of people been asking me where I shot it .didn’t wanna give it out cos they( the resort ) got me to book the whole island before I could shoot lol so I felt I had no reason to promote it but the owner became a good friend so 😊
To the owner Mr. Paul ( now my friend ) thanks so much for the free food LOL and yes I’m coming back as promised 🙏🏾️ #BlackLove
Name is “Lou Moon” at Axim (Western Region)
Had no idea a place like this existed in my country Ghana … Its Paradise for the perfect get away … Long drive but would suggest you drive still … Part of the adventure👌🏾️
Its such a beautiful place people, really worth every penny if you need a holiday destination … Just take some time off to go chill and relax
But I understand, we approached it as business without revealing the client ( that’s me ) so of course they got to treat it as business


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