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Sarkodie not OK with Charterhouse “return awards won” Decision to Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale (check out his tweet)

Sarkodie's Tweets

Elite Rapper and CEO of Sarkcess Music, Sarkodie has openly condemned the decision made by Charterhouse to his colleagues, Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy to return their award plaques.

The rapper writes, “We can condemn our brothers on their acts but we can’t rule out the root cause that provided that environment for the unfortunate incident… Charter house can’t leave all blames on the artists . NO!!”

He went on to say that Charterhouse had a part to play in the unfortunate happening at the event. “As much as award nights are meant to celebrate artists, it stairs up a lot of emotions and therefore you wanna create the right environment to contain that”. – Sarkodie tweeted.

Sarkodie cited this thought provoking scenario to further buttress his point. He iterated, “Supporters of football are allowed to come support at the stadium but not at award nights where same teams and individual players are been awarded … it’s not done”. Adding that the first mistake made by Charterhouse was opening ticket purchase to the public, likening it to award shows like the Grammys, BETs & MTVs who do not.

Other celebrities have also openly voiced out their dissappintment in Charterhouse for taking the route they did. Top Ghanaian actress, Miss Lydia Fortson writes;

“Dear Chatterhouse,

For 20 + years you’ve worked to entertain and help grow our industries.

We appreciate you.


what we’re NOT going to do is pretend you’re not equally complicit in what happened on Saturday.

No no no”



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