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Sad : Asemoo, Check out how BBC reported flood Issues in Ghana

Flood in Ghana

Accra Floods: 27 years of democracy, 7 General Elections den 5 Presidents but still Ghana dey flood every year

After 55 minutes of rainfall on Wednesday, most parts of Ghana flood, dis dey include areas wey before-before dem no dey experience flood.

De situation make mandems dey wonder what go happen if rain fall for like 2 hours as e happen on June 3, 2015 when flood den fire disaster kill some 150 Ghanaians.

One of de challenges wey Ghanaians dey face annually be floods but after 27 years of democratic governance which produce 5 Presidents out of 7 general elections, people dey wonder why all these political leaders no resolve de flooding situation.

See how floods trouble Ghanaians since 1992 when de country start dey practice democratic governance.

Flooding profile for Ghana under de fourth republic

1995: Accra & Axim floods

De first major floods Ghana record under de Fourth Republic happen around 1995 for de capital Accra den Axim, Western Region.

De floods wey hit de capital, Accra destroy chaw properties like shops, people dema homes den stuff. Around de time vehicles even float for water top wey de areas wey suffer de most include Odorna, Alajo, Nima, Adabraka all of dem dey close to de Kwame Nkrumah circle which dem now transform into interchange.

Same year, floods also hit parts of Western Region, particularly, Axim which record de highest amount of rainfall.

1997: Accra floods

Around June, 1997 de rains fall small-small for two days which cause another flood again.

Major roads for de capital make full plus water so drivers lock for de roads top.

Major rivers like Odaw and Onyasia almost break dema banks, sake of de threat some residents run from dema houses go higher grounds.

1999: 5 Regions floods

Around 1999, floods hit 5 regions for Ghana which displace close to 300,000 people according to reports.

De floods displace people for Upper West, Upper East, Northern, Brong Ahafo and de Volta region all dat year wey e destroy chaw properties.

2001: Accra Floods

De 2001 floods wey hit Accra be de worst since de 1995 floods. Dis one de rains come one early morning wey e bury parts of de city liken Madina, Achimota, Dzorwulu, Avenor, Santa Maria den Adabraka Official Town.

State broadcaster, Daily Graphic, report sey residents for those areas climb trees, some enter dema rooftop den stuff until sey dem rescue dem.

2007: Over 300,000 Ghanaians affected

Around 2007, floods once again hit three regions, Upper West, Upper East den Northern Region which affect three hundred and seven thousand, one hundred and twenty-seven people according to Daily Graphic reports.

2010: Accra & Eastern Region

Parts of Accra den Begoro, which dey Eastern region flood after some two hours of rainfall.

De rains destroy homes, people dema private properties den stuff in dis year.

2010: Floods kill 35

In 2010, de death toll from floods start dey shoot up big time, for de first time dem retrieve thirty-five bodies from flood waters across the country by volunteers and rescue workers.

In that same year, floods cut off Swedru from other communities. Three bridges which dey connecti Agona Swedru municipality to dema neighbouring communities all collapse.

De National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) record at least 3,000 people as victims for de Agona West municipality which dey inside de Central Region.

Dat same year, combination of floods den Bagre Dam spillage for Burkina Faso displace 161,000 people across de country nationwide.

2011: Accra & Atiwa floods

Officials for de Ghana Meteorological Services Agency, reveal sey around July that year dem record measured 71.5mm of rainfall which destroy people dema homes for Accra.

Residents for Adabraka, Kisseman, Alajo Junction, A-Lang for Santa Maria, Oyarifa, Haatso, Adenta and de Tema Timber Market according to Daily Graphic all submerge under water.

Also, floods kill 5 people, wey e affect some 105 farmers for Atiwa District which dey Eastern Region make stranded for 3 days after about 10 hours of massive rains.

By November, 2011 NADMO reveal sey de floods displace 43,000 people wey de death toll increase catch 14.

The death toll in Accra rose to 14, while 43,087 people were said to have been affected by the downpour, officials of the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) said.

2013: Accra floods

Once again around May,2011 morning rains which start like 4.30am flood areas like Nkrumah Circle, Darkuman Kokompe Obetsebi Lamptey roundabout, parts of de Graphic Road, Santa Maria den Dansoman Roundabout areas.

2014: 10 hours of rain

National newspaper report sey around June 6, 2014 after 10 hours of rainfall, massive floods hit Accra places like Adabraka, Awoshie, the Kwame Nkrumah Circle, Mallam, North Kaneshie, Abeka, Dansoman den Odorkor.

2015: Flood & Fire disaster kill 150

On 3 June 2015, Ghana record de worst flood disaster after combination of floods den fire kill some 154 people around de Kwame Nkrumah circle.

After dis crisis, then John Mahama government promise sey dem go resolve de flood problem for Accra.

2016: Another flood hit same June 3 disaster spot

One year after June 3 disaster wey happen for 2015, Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) make claims sey dem finish 70 percent of de work required to resolve de flood situation for Accra.

But on June 9, 2016 another flood happen again for Accra wey e affect desame Adabraka, Nkrumah Circle areas where de flood and fire disaster happen de previous year.

2017: Flood kill 59 year old woman who dey drive

Social media videos around 2017 capture very sad moment where flood dey carry one 59-year-old woman who dey drive for road top around Gariba Lodge, Northern Region.

Reports be sey de woman dey go pick en child for school but de storm drain for de area full up, wey drag am inside.

2018: Teshie Bush road flood kill doctor

One 32-year-old medical doctor for Ridge Hospital den six other people die for floods inside after heavy rains fall for Accra.

De medical doctor drown for Teshie Bush road, near Demo bridge after de rain carry she den en car as she dey try go house.

Around September, 2018 NADMO officials reveal sey at least 34 people die for northern sake of floods den also de spillage of Bagre Dam from neighbouring Burkina Faso.

2019: Accra floods kill 5

In April dis year, 5 people die for Accra after de rains cause floods for parts of de capital. Out of de five, military couple who dey go house drift from de road top enter storm drain along de motorway.

After dema death, menerz charge on Prez Akufo-Addo sake of he no talk about dema deaths but he go tweet about France Notre Dame fire disaster.

Since that flood, de latest happen just yeste for 55 minutes wey floods happen again.

De worry be say dis time around de few minutes of rainfall cause places wey dem never flood before saf to flood.

So since 1992 wey Ghana become a democracy, dis be de major flooding issues wey hit de country over de past 27 years.

One important thing be sey while people dey blame de problem on government who no try tackle de flooding issue once and for all, some too sey de citizens dema attitudes like waste disposal, building in waterways be de main cause of flooding.


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