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River Pra sends strong warning to people in Assin Praso over unnecessary curse ‘Duabo’

Men cursing in a river

Powerful River God, Asuo Pra has reacted to the untimely death happening presently in his territory, Assin Praso.

The recent many deaths of the people in Assin Praso has left chiefs, elders, youth, parents and children in sorrow which many have questioned the causes of the situation.

As it stand over 30 people have unfortunately passed on who’s bodies are in the mortuary and are yet to be buried.

After several complains, Odikro of the area have consulted River Pra through its priest and they’ve been briefed on some of the basic reasons which have contributed to the issues.

Delivering a message to the people at a gathering, the messenger indicated that River Pra is not happy about the way and manner at which people are dying prematurely

He added that even though the River God is unhappy, he’s also upset as to why people in Assin Praso have decided to disrespect him and have taken the laws into their hands by committing taboos which are against him and the village.

(Literally going to farm on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s is a taboo but the new generation have looked down on it. Water Yam (Afase3) is River Pra biggest dislike but the people have paid deaf ears to it and take it along to cross the river.)

The above are few taboos that the people have committed which has resulted in untimely death

Among other causes is “unnecessary curse “.

‘Duabo’ as it’s locally called has become the only source of judgement in Assin Praso.
River Pra through his messenger delivered a strong warning to the people concerning the act.

Asuo Pra henceforth has fumed that he will be punishing people who are fond of raising curse on the fellows.

In his words he said “Our grandfather Nana Pra says hence he will punishing anyone who will use his name to curse again. He said anyone who pronounce a curse will receive a punishment which will be similar to the accused” – he said in twi..

He added that the powerful River God advised that people should report their situations to chiefs and elders of the village instead of seeking for justice through curse.


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