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Read : You are not getting music for free, telecommunication networks make money from your data but your favorite artists get nothing – Sarkodie laments

Ghanaian Rapper Sarkodie has lamented that some local telecommunication networks don’t pay musicians from the data fans all over the world use to purchase music online.

According to the Rapper, ignorant fans think they get music for free on free sites while others think they put music in musicians pocket through downloads which are all untrue.

On his verified Twitter account, the Rapper revealed that musicians apart from digitized music platforms earn nothing from telecommunication networks like Mtn, Vodafone and AirtelTigo.

He tweeted

“Fans feel like they getting music for free but actually you not… @MTNGhana x @VodafoneGhana x @airteltigoghana and these networks are making the money from your data while your favorite artists are making nothing from your purchase … Think about it “

He added that fans should purchase music from monetized music shops because that is the only way their favorite musicians can get money.

“There are a lot of platforms that artists put our music … if you are a true fan, please purchase the music… it’s no different from the so called free sites cos you are still using data(and that’s still money)”

“And to the fans, if you love your artists I’m pretty sure it won’t hurt to pay some coins to listen to their work … You get to be entertained and the creator gets to feed his or her family” he tweeted


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