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Priti Patel, How Sincere Is The British Government To Judge ‘Black Lives Matter’ Demonstrators?

Priti Patel
Priti Patel, a British politician and member of Parliament

On May 25, 2020, a 46-year-old African-American or black man called George Floyd, was brutally murdered by white racist police officers in the United States of America. This sparked demonstrations, riots, and looting around the globe, including America and Britain.

It’s Unfortunate that many demonstrators took this particular period to break the law by stealing and looting but it worth mentioning here that those that were involved in such crimes learned what looting is about from the American leaders and European colonization masters.

It’s still in history if not deleted that during slavery, colonization, and the Apartheid era, America and its allies, Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Portugal, Britain, etc, looted the continent of Africa to its detriment and underdeveloped the continent, in order for African leaders to depend on them.

This is still taking place, despite decades of the loss of colonial power in Africa and the vast mineral resources on the continent. African leaders still can’t find any reasonable means to utilize their resources, since Bad trade policies that favor European and American markets continue to render Africa poor.

Demonstrations against the brutal murder of George Floyd

In America and Britain, where the demonstrations against the killing of George Floyd turned ugly, many politicians, including Priti Patel, a British politician and member of Parliament, called the demonstrators criminals and hooligans because she wasn’t happy about the outcome of the demonstration, especially the lootings and damage of properties.

It is likely that Priti Patel was born, raised, and educated in Britain, thus; she didn’t feel the impact of racism in the country like black people or being an Indian, she is a racist herself, like other Indians, the reason she is not interested in the death of George Floyd.

It is really inhuman and very shameful story to tell you of my own experience of racism from an Indian working in an engineering firm in Nigeria in the early eighties. I was employed to drive this Indian who claimed to be Mr. Matthew, according to him he is a Christian.

Even though he discriminated against me many times, he still gave me a second job as a cook. He showed me how he likes his meals and how to prepare them. I followed every rule, yet this stingy man continues discriminating against me every time, especially when talking to me and preparing his meals.

He doesn’t want anyone to eat his food, so he measures his rice with the smallest vaseline bottle. He even gets angry when I put a single grain of rice into my mouth to see if the rice is soft enough to eat.

Beer was the cheapest commodity in Lagos that time, yet Mr. Matthew and his two friends share one bottle of beer and the thunderous laughter behind each drink can make you believe that they have consumed 10 bottles of beer.

How can I continue to work for such a person, I asked myself? That’s when I left the job without telling him anything. We have a lot of such people as Mr. Matthew in both Britain and America today, who think black people are either stupid or slaves, therefore, they don’t need equal treatment like other human beings.
The historical medical crime of the British Government in Africa

In Britain, today lives a retired doctor, who served in the British military in Uganda. Dr. Carswell was then in Uganda when ‘The Weekly Topic’ newspaper accused CIA agents disguised as scientists and journalists, of spreading lies about the origins of the Aids virus.

Dr. Wilson Carswell escaped from the hands of the Ugandan government and continued his deliberate Aids infection in South Africa

Shortly afterward, the Ugandan government suspected that Dr. Wilson Carswell, the leading Aids-research scientist was actually deliberately infecting the people with Aids. The Ugandan authorities ransacked his house and destroyed his computer together with all the Aids files.

Dr. Wilson Carswell then escaped from Uganda and after a short stay with his commissioners in Porton Down, Great Britain, he was able to start up again as head of the Aids unit of theDepartment of National Health and Population Development in South Africa, and continued his deliberate Aids infection.

Today, South Africa has the highest HIV/Aids rate in the world.

Priti Patel, probably, you may be wondering how I got this information. In Ghana, my country of birth, there is a proverb that says,” Liars are those that say my witness lives overseas.”

After reading the book called “Aids Origin, Spread, And Healing,” by the German medical doctor called Wolff Geisler. I quickly made contact with him and went straight to see him personally in Cologne, Germany and it turns out that it was a true account.

Joel Savage
Dr. Wolff Geisler and the writer, Joel Savage in Cologne, Germany

Priti Patel, due to all the information about the recorded medical crime by the British government in Africa, I think it’s necessary to call the British government a criminal, instead of calling “Black Lives Matter,” demonstrators “hooligans and criminals.”

Dr. Wolff Geisler’s book also reveals that Burkitt’s lymphoma, Kaposi’s sarcoma and nodding disease, which false or fake scientists that supported the medical crimes supervised by the World Health Organization, referred to as “Strange disease,” were all biological weapons by the British and American governments.

Priti Patel, if you know much about these diseases you will agree with me that they hit the East African countries of Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, simultaneously than any African country.

We live in a world that people easily believe in lies than the truth. Jesus said, “the truth shall set you free,” but the truth instantly makes one an enemy, the same truth will let you lose all your friends.

I live in Belgium for the past twenty years, yet I can’t breathe because colonial statues of Leopold II, a king that killed 10 million Africans, including women and children, are pressing on my neck. The more I tried to lift up myself, the more invincible forces try to pull me down.

Many social media have falsely accused me of violating their rules and have succeeded kicking out me from their platforms just to suppress information but in my heart, I know that before or after my death; the truth will defeat lies since the light is powerful than darkness.

Hypocrisy, lies, racism, hatred, Apartheid, colonialism, slavery, etc, only divide people and destroy a nation. We have witnessed how the coronavirus has decimated the world because of the impact of lies behind it.

The late Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, thought being hard on certain policies, such as immigration and Apartheid, will make her a great leader. Because of what she stood for and denied black people the liberty to enjoy in their own country, South Africa, her name is lost. Nobody mentions Maggie’s name any longer.

So if you want to be known as a good politician, fight for a good course, make a research and speak out the crimes of the British government in Africa and stop calling ‘Black Lives Matter,’ demonstrators criminals and hooligans.


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