Home General News Picture : “Pant stealing” thieves caught and beaten mercilessly.

Picture : “Pant stealing” thieves caught and beaten mercilessly.

We wake to wonders every day, I now seem to fully understand the saying “wonders shall never end”. Today’s trending picture is of 2 young men, one with a swollen mouth which is heavily circulating on social media. In the picture the 2 robbers are seen holding a red panty they were alleged to have stolen.

From the look on their faces, one can tell that these guys are amateur robbers who are suffering from kleptomania. A bag fully loaded is also seen in the picture and one can easily tell that it contains used stolen panties of ladies.

Meanwhile females who lives in compound houses currently complain of their panties being removed any time they hang them on the line after washing. To our surprise, these 2 guys were caught and suspected to be those who are perpetuating this very demeaning act. The law doesn’t favor anyone and so we pray it’s deals drastically with these robbers.

Below is the picture of the robbers


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