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Photos : G@y boy photoshoot gone rival on social media


What a world we live in. Day in day out, it is beginning to look more like the idea of g@yism and l*sbianism is gaining common grounds within the African community and being normalised.

While we see activists from all over the world fighting to legalise the rather appalling and unnatural act, it is almost like the lot who would rather not condone the act are scared to speak up against it in fear of being alienated. Sigh!

Well, today some photos of a g@y boy are circulating on social media and everybody can’t stop laughing. The young man in question is seen flaunting his rather ‘rigid body’, in poses that come across as extremely feminine.

As to where this semi-n*de young man is from, it’s still a mystery. At the moment we can’t confirm whether he’s a Ghanaian or not. Tunetalkmedia.com will update you as the news unravel.

Below are the photos


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