Home Showbiz Photo : Nana Aba Anamoa mocks Strongman with ladies wristwatch.

Photo : Nana Aba Anamoa mocks Strongman with ladies wristwatch.

Nana Aba Anamoa and Strongman

It all started when Medikal tweeted few weeks ago that “He saved Ghana Rap four years ago “

As the saying goes “Opinions are like noses”, but in the case of Medikal, he didn’t get it easy after sharing his opinion and he has come across a lot of criticism from Rappers, Entertainment pundits, social media users, critics etc.

However after several jabs from his fellow Rappers, Ground Up Rapper Kwesi Arthur threw some shots to him in his “Thoughts From King Arthur “which made Medikal respond with” To Whom It May Concern ” which also served Strongman a jab he threw to Medikal in an interview.

Well this is how it was started and the rest is history.

After Medikal dropped “To Whom It May Concern Diss” which didn’t go well with Strongman, the kumasi Based Rapper also replied him with “Don’t Try”. Few hours after the Diss song was released, Medikal announced another diss track “The Last Burial” which was later released to respond to Strongman.

In a line in the Diss song which goes like “Your brain is small like Ladies wristwatch” Ace broadcaster Nana Aba Anamoa has joined the mockery by tweeting a Picture of A lady in small watch which got fans bursting into laughter.

Check her tweet.


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