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Photo : My boyfriend broke up with me because I have small boobs – Ghanaian lady cries


I don’t know how to start this, I’d just say that humanity has gotten to a point where we lack real understanding of what true love and companionship means in a relationship.

These days what is most pleasing to the eyes and ears is what is most sought after. Relationships are being built solely on bedrocks of vanity, and physical appearances.

Gone are the days when our forefathers would choose partners for us by paying critical attention to character traits and fruitful values. These days any woman that possess an ass like that of an acre of land is who would get the most attention, with a flock of houseflies, ‘men’ hovering around her.

A Ghanaian lady has taken to social media to share her sad predicament. According to her, her boyfriend has just dumped her because he claims she has small boobs.

Hmmm! What a world.

Below was her post


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