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‘No Ghana card no permanent job’, the Nabco trainees dilemma after serving the nation

Permanent job for nabco trainees
Nabco trainees

Finally the most talked about portal for the registration of ‘permanent employment’ for nabco trainees has been approved and opened online for trainees all over the country to partake in the registration.

The CEO of Nabco, Dr Aryars was the first to give a gist about this exercise which is basically meant to usher trainers into their preferred sectors or feild of qualification.

However there have been challenges and many complains about the registration which many trainees have taken to social media to express their displeasure.
According to some complaints, it is obligatory to use Ghana card for the registration.

With regards to posts from some Nabco platforms, trainees claimed they have approached their coordinators for a solution but to no avail. 
Perhaps it is evident that most of these trainees after serving the nation for two and half years and receiving just 700gh stipends will not qualify for the permanent job registration just because they do not own Ghana card.

“Meanwhile government and Nabco officials are 100 % aware that the collection of Ghana card is even a problem” – one trainee lamented

Another trainee who approached Tunetalkmedia.com cried that he has tried several times to get his card but anytime he visit the NIA office he’s told that his card is not yet printed.

“Now am going to loose the opportunity to register even though am not at fault”. – He said

It is sad and unfortunate that in 21st century graduates in mother Ghana are still treated like some piece of paper.

In my opinion I think this whole Nabco initiative is nothing but politics. The Ndc flag-bearer has also promised to give Nabco trainees a permanent job in their second coming which has become the talk of the town.

Currently it’s appears Nabco trainees, who are graduates are the football for politicians whom they play left and right without perceiving them as the future of this nation.

I suggest something is done immediately to make the Ghana card section on ‘the permanent job registration portal’ (optional) to allow every trainee who has served but do not own the Ghana card to partake in the registration peacefully without any stress.
Already some trainees who are facing these challenges have threatened to vote against the NPP party in the coming elections should they pay deaf ears to their calling.

A word to the wise is enough 


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