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“NDC + NPP, Ghana’s bane” : Nana Aba Anamoa fights Government over 200 million dollar chamber.

Nana Aba Anamoa and Pres Akufo-Addo

Outspoken journalist Nana Aba Anamoa has lamented on the Parliamentary decision to use 150 – 200 million dollars to construct the new Parliament chamber.

On her verified Twitter account she tweeted

“So Hon. Kyei-Mensa-Bonsu says they’re are looking at anything between $150 million and $200 million to construct the new parliament chamber.
In his words “it should not exceed $200m”.

To her, the money could be invested in creating more jobs for graduates who are struggling financially.

“Listen, a graduate of KNUST (land economy) searched for a job for 6 years without success.
He eventually got a teaching job which pays him 400 cedis a month (salary hardly comes).
He called asking for 15 cedis via momo to buy food.
You’re going to spend $200m on what?”

She added that the country has real unsolved issues but the government is not bothered and would rather waste huge sums of money on the obviously irrelevant.

“We have real issues in this country.
Unemployment, homelessness, no bed syndrome, children sitting on the bare floor to learn etc.
You’re going to spend $150-200m on what? A new chamber??
And our MPs are silent. You’re heartless.”

Furthermore, she expressed her disappointment in Majority leader, Hon. Kyei Mensah who has been in Parliament for decades, as should expected him to know better.

“I’m so disappointed.
The majority leader thinks telling us the project shouldn’t cost more than $200m was such a welcome breather.
That’s a shame.”

She shared a story she did about a woman who was thrown out of the house because of 160ghc worth of rent. She attributed it to the economic hardship the country currently faces.

Watch video below

She therefore tagged NDC and NPP as Ghana’s bane

“Story of our lives.
NPP and NDC – the bane of this country.” she tweeted 


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