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Nabco trainees writes to President Akuffo Addo

Dr. Ibrahim Anyars and President Akuffo Addo

While some trainees are not comfortable with Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) initiative, especially with their delay tactics of paying stipends, others too perceive it as normal and have written letter to the president to show their gratitude. The letter was written by one Philip K Amoah, a nabco trainee.

Below is the letter …

Concern Nabco trainees in Ghana are by this exultation to expanse our exemplary exerition with the joy to thank His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah and his Veep Dr. Alhaji Bawumia for this noble initiative to safeguard and relieved unemployed graduates from concurrent harsh and the hardship conditions spread on us like fever back in 2012 from erstwhile administration.

In fact, there is a turbulence message circulating through the social media to ravage and to quash the interest of the ordinary trainee to hit on the street to demonstrate without any platonic hostages.

But for political gains to defame the incumbent government in a spiteful, scratched this unprecedented initiative on the floor and also to stripped the government naked, thereby, spreading out those distorted messages and infusing the general public in disrepute with their diabolic ailment to champion their course.

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Therefore, we are by this communique to inform the general public to debunk their unscrupulous and atrocity just to thwart our attention by a troop from nowhere but just appeared out of imposition called Coalition of Nabco trainee with their naughty ideologies to hit on the street to demonstrate without effective remedy to our situation but away to aggravate our plight thereby, macerate the ordinary trainee through their vitriolic, malevolent and diabolic stance.

Furthermore, Concern Trainees wish to inform all Nabco trainees across the universe to stay calm for the executives with their humility to serve their people with regards to Nabco. But we shouldn’t allow ourselves for these people to base on our challenges for their political gains to quench our sweat and sacrifices we have made to beholden our nation and to retain this good initiative.

Moreover, we are by this message to emphatically state that, the secretariats are aware of our situation and working extra hard in their might for the welfare of any trainees here in Ghana. Casting our attention to one of the quotes from a renowned philosopher ARISTOTLE, ‘ We are what we repeatedly do’.

So if a troop impose demonstration on you, know where they are coming from. We plead all trainees in Ghana to stay calm for the executives to humbly take their time to serve the trainee without compounding our plight.



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