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Nabco trainees: May stipends to be pay by weekend.

Nabco trainees

Payment of stipends have always been the problem facing nabco trainees after the commencement of the program by President Akufo-Addo in October last year.

While some complain of arrears, others complain of the previous month.

Over the week, the CEO of nabco Dr Ibrahim Aryars paid a visit to Sunyani in the Bono Ahafo region, and in an interview he revealed that it is not the secretariat’s intention to delay stipends, but little problems have caused the delay.

According to Dr Aryars, Stipends for May will be paid in due time and so trainees should be patient and trust the scheme.

Below is the brief that was given by the CEO which is circulating on social media.

According to CEO during his visit to Sunyani, classified those with March, April & May arrears as the EASY PAYMENT CATEGORY, that by Friday such people will be paid.

And so since they have paid the rest of the regular receivers their May stipend tonight, I strongly believe by Friday as CEO said people will smile thrice (Mar, Apr, May).

That, those to be paid Jan-May arrears should expect their stipends from Monday to Friday next week

& that, if by the 12th of July any trainee hasn’t been paid his/her arrears, your problem might be difficult to resolve & so consult your coordinator.

That, the new appointment letter will be ready by middle of this month.

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