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“NABCO is yours, own it ” Nabco officials writes to Trainees on May Day

Officials of Nation Builders corps despite their delays in paying trainees stipends have taken on their Facebook page to release a statement to wish its loyal employees a happy Workers Day. .

Below is the news release


On the occasion of May Day 2019, the Secretariat of the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) wishes to join in the global chorus to extend messages of goodwill and gratitude to the multitudes of Ghanaian workers. The symbolism of the day has an added layer for the Nation Builders Corps programme: the scheme was launched on May Day 2018, at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Kumasi by His Excellence Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, The President of The Republic of Ghana. A year on from the announcement of the one hundred thousand job opportunities for the young people of this country, the mood is one of significant accomplishments.

From the launch of the web portal to receive applications lasting from May 1, 2018 till midnight of June 1, 2018; total completed applications received stood at 146,968 with 135,254 pre-verified for interviews. This eventually led to a selection of 109,380 qualified trainees. Out of this total selected trainees currently engaged on the work and learning scheme, our verification and primary audit of qualifications and total of trainees accepted to progress to placement is 94,783; within this is an outstanding 3,425 undergoing preparation for work placement during the month of May 2019. As an inclusive employment scheme, these include a total of 71 persons with disability (PWDs). These rigorous learning processes – application, interviews, selection into suited modules, and subsequent work placement – has added work readiness skills thus enabling some 6,000 and many more trainees to transition to permanent employment from its launch in May 2018.

Today, as labour celebrates the many contributions that they make to nation building; they do so with a sound awareness of a new corps of 100,000 among the workforce – the nation builders corps. A dedicated group of young but enterprising Ghanaians – who constitute the local intellectual infrastructure – eagerly making their contribution to nation building count. These hardworking NABCO trainees serve as a symbol of what the nation is capable of; reinforcing our belief that our country can certainly achieve its aspirational target of a Ghana Beyond Aid. Trainees are making valuable contributions in the areas of education, health, agriculture, digitisation, revenue mobilisation, enterprise as well as in governance. These hitherto unemployed graduates equally gain value addition to their base qualifications thus enhancing their future prospects of employability.

The scheme has had some challenges typical of a project implementation phase. These have ranged from inaccurate data input by a few trainees significantly slowing the processes; in relation to payment and placement. The scheme guarantees about twenty-four months of work placement for all trainees; which took substantial amounts of time to process with the help of the NABCO Module Implementation Partners (MIPs). These are the recipient agencies of our trainees on work placement. It is our hope that by the first anniversary of the Commencement of the scheme on October 17, 2019 all these would be resolved.

NABCO is looking forward to launching the learning component of the scheme; with clearly designed career pathways to assist the graduate trainees as they transition into permanent employment, entrepreneurship or further learning. The learning Platform – the NABCO Academy – will have a quarterly direct instruction component; but predominantly online based. Trainees will be required to keep a learning log to catalogue their continuing professional development whilst on the scheme. The aim will be to have exit certification jointly awarded by NABCO and the Designated Learning Centres (DLCs); some of which are academic and professional institutions. By this, the Nation Builders Corps programme would have fledged fully into the work and learning scheme that it has been designed to be; hence offering the value addition that deliver on its employability objective.

The NABCO Team salutes all our hard working and dedicated nation builders across the 254 districts of Ghana. You have made true the words of His Excellency the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo when he passionately charged you thus:

‘To all our young graduates who qualify to enter this scheme, NABCO is yours, own it and do something meaningful and fulfilling for yourself and your country. Be proud to say, ‘I am a Nation Builder’; and this country will be thankful to you too for rising up to the challenge’.


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