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My nose has played a role in my success

Sometimes, it’s just good to be grateful for what we have. Be it good or ‘bad’.

Kumawood actor and News presenter Akrobeto is always laughed at for having an extra-large nose.

Some people would have felt depressed or sad for being mocked this way but Akrobeto is not moved at all.

Speaking in a recent interview on the EwithBecks Show with Joy News’ Becky, the actor reveals that if not for his nose and talent he wouldn’t be where he is now.

Akrobeto, real name Akwasi Boadi, noted that he is not bothered when people make fun of him because of the size of his nose.

“If not for my nose and talent, I wouldn’t be in this position. If I was a nice guy, with pointed nose, small ears, and little eyes, small mouth, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” he said.

He added that he knows he has a big nose and he’s not bothered when people make fun of it.

The actor also stated categorically that Apostle Kwadjo Safo Snr played a major role in the development of his acting career and he will forever be grateful for his support over his 30 years in the acting business.


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