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Must Read : “Women Don’t Fall For Money And Gifts” – Written by Counselor Adofoli

Written by Counselor Adofoli

One of the sick statements I have heard these days from boys is, as for women all that they need is money and gifts, and that when they want to get women to fall in love with them or for sex, all they need is money and gifts.

Some boys equal the value of a woman to an iPhone. The sad part is, some ladies don’t know they are being bought.

Some of these sick boys are in relationships where they abuse and use girls all in the name of the gift and money they give them. They have no respect for the woman and think every woman can be bought with money or gift.

This kind of mindset is very very very unfortunate. No woman is for sale. They are not products to be used, they were created to be loved. That is why you cannot buy her. Unless such a woman is in the business of prostitution where she trades herself for money or gifts.

A woman will accept gift or money from you because she loves you. A woman who doesn’t love you won’t accept your gift. She accepts money and gifts from you because she believes you love her. Women want a kind-hearted person and not any person at all with gift or money. It is an insult for some ladies for a man to give them money or gift after sex. What they want the said man to know is that, sex is not my need, I agreed to have sex with you because I love you, because I care about you, because I know you need the sex. Not because I want your money.

She is concerned with the thought behind the gifts, the soul behind the gesture. She falls in love with the man or the personality and not the gift. She marries the man and not his money or properties. Build a mansion for her, shower her with gifts and open a fat bank account for her, she will still complain about lack of time, attention and affection. That should tell you, money is not all she needs.

The married men who think giving your wife enough money, without your presence is enough to keep them happy, I want you to know you are wrong. She married a man not his money, she wants to talk to the man she is married to and not his money. Buying her everything, sending her for all the shopping sprees cannot take the place of the man she is married to.

Leaving her with a driver to drive her around town, take her to shops is just like asking her to start a relationship with the driver or find some other companion. Enrolling her at the gym just because you don’t have time for her is like asking her to start a relationship with anyone she sees in the gym.

Your role is to love your wife, she is the greatest treasure in your life. Anytime we don’t put to use or spend time on what we acquired at a high cost, we end up losing it. You lose her if you can’t make time for her. She can stay with you if you don’t have money but can make time for her and be affectionate towards her.

Telling someone you love them does not define love. Giving them money does not necessarily mean you love them. Sweet talking is easy, Giving gifts is cheap but dedication is expensive. It costs your life and not your pocket.

In conclusion, “The greatest love you can have for your friends is to give your life for them” – John 15:13 (GNT).

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