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Many men are looking for prostitutes not wives – Counselor Adofoli (Read Details)

Shatta Wale

Written by Counselor Adofoli

The hard truth is, many men are looking for prostitutes not wives and pretend they are looking for a wife. When you meet them they say they are of age, they want to get married, they are ready and looking for the right person.

When ladies accept to date them or be in a relationship with them, they start asking for sex. She is not your wife, why should she give you what a wife gives. The sad part is, these guys get angry or mad when their requests are not granted. Some leave the relationship, others have ways of making the lady in question feel bad for not giving them sex.

Lots of men are looking for ladies to have sex with not to settle down with as wives. That is why they first ask for sex when they meet you, and whenever you ask about marriage they claim you are pressurizing them.

If a man is looking for a wife, he will be interested in studying you for marriage, he will be busy preparing for marriage and not sex. It is only a prostitute who has sex with men she is not married to. If having sex with him is what will make him marry you then he is not looking for a wife. Direct him to the street.

Today abortion is on the increase, both safe and unsafe abortion, because of people who pretend to be looking for wives but are comfortable having sex with people they are not married to. Ladies with children born outside marriage, what you call born one, born two are on the rise because a man promised to marry a lady and she foolishly opened her legs for this man, forgetting that sex is supposed to be between husband and wife.

Sex is not love; if I have to have sex with you to prove my love for you then what it means is you don’t love me. Love does not have a return policy. If you are giving money, gifts, attention to a lady because of sex, just be bold and say what you want and stop hiding behind love and marriage.

Love has no business with sex. They don’t have a relationship. Sex is between husband and wife and before a man and woman become a couple love needs to be established, not sex. Sex is when they are married.

As a single lady, if you agree to have sex with a man who is not your husband but because of the attention, gifts and money, then you don’t need to be reminded that you are practicing prostitution.

No serious man will take a prostitute home as a wife, no serious man wants to marry a prostitute even if she agrees to give him sex for free. Have you wondered why many relationships come to an end after sex? Have you realized how fast some guys change towards you after sex?

Love is caring for someone without expecting anything in return. Love has no return policy. If love has a return policy, Jesus Christ will not say “But I say: Love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you!” –
Matthew 5:44 (TLB). When someone says they love you, what they are telling you is, they care for you without expecting anything in return.

If you love them as well, that is great, it means you care for them without expecting anything in return. That is why it is easy to give to someone you love, to forgive someone you love. To forgive means you will continue to give the person who hurt you. You let go the hurt. You try to forget the hurt. Forgiveness is love.

We don’t force people to care for us or love us. If he claims he loves you so give him sex in return, he is lying to you. What he is telling you is, when he sees you, what he sees or feels for you is sex and not love. He is only using love as a camouflage.

The man who claims he loves you and wants to marry you, can he date you without sex? Can he wait to have sex with you until you get married? If you are not married to him but he wants sex from you, what he is looking for is a prostitute and not a wife.

In conclusion, “Marriage is to be honored among everyone, and the bed undefiled. But God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterers” – Hebrews 13:4 (MEV).

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